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During actual price calculation, the system calculates iterative prices for activity types or business processes based on actual costs and actual activities. The calculation takes into account all activity exchanges between cost centers or business processes.

Price calculation, which you can carry out during planning, is based on planned costs and activity. The resulting prices are used to valuate actual activity.

After running actual price calculation, you can choose to revalue actual activity at actual prices. This revaluates the activity using the difference between plan and actual prices. By revaluing the actual activity with actual prices, you can fully balance sender cost centers and sender business processes.


A reposting of internal activity allocation can also be carried out in a different period (see: Structure link Reposting Internal Activity Allocation). Due to the negative activity flow between the old receiver and the sender, the old receiver may contain a negative quantity.

During reposting of internal activity allocations in other periods, then, use cumulated price calculation because other types of price calculations will produce inconsistent results (see Price Calculation Methods).


If you are working with transfer prices (parallel value flows) actual price calculation and recalculation are possible in all valuations. In the output list of the price calculation, you can choose to display the prices in all valuations.

For more information on transfer prices, see Structure link Multiple Valuation Approaches in Overhead Cost Controlling and also the SAP Library under Financials ® EC Enterprise Controlling ® EC Profit Center Accounting ® Structure link Multiple Valuation Approaches/Transfer Prices


You must meet the following requirements before you can recalculate actual activity at actual prices:

In the fiscal year parameters for the version, you can specify the method of price calculation (see Price Calculation Methods), or whether to allow recalculation of actual activities with actual prices, and how the recalculation is to be executed. The Recalculation field controls the recalculation of actual activity at actual prices. See Planning ® Basic Settings ® Versions ® Maintain Versions in Customizing for Cost Center Accounting or Planning ® Maintain Versions in Customizing for Activity Based Costing.

You have the following options:

The system posts the difference between the plan and actual allocation valuations using a separate business transaction (actual price calculation). This makes it easier to track variances between valuations using actual and plan prices.

The system posts the recalculation in the original transaction. The variances between calculations at actual and plan prices can then no longer be tracked. Use this option if you do not have plan prices, meaning the original allocation was not valuated.

The system takes default values from activity type master data for the plan and actual price indicators (see Structure link Activity Type Category and Structure link Processing Activity Types) or the business process master record (see Structure link Price Indicators). You can change both indicators when planning, providing no plan values exist. However, you must use a planning layout with the characteristics Actual price indicator and Plan price indicator (see Structure link Standard Planning Layout).

If you do not fill the Actual price indicator field, the system automatically valuates activity using the plan price.


If you need to split the costs on activity types or business processes and divide them into fixed and variable portions (say, for reporting), you should carry out actual splitting with update before you carry out the actual price calculation (see Actual Cost Splitting).

You can also carry out splitting during actual price calculation. To do so, select Execute actual splitting internally in the Settings for Price Calculation. Note, however, that this procedure does not post the splitting data.


If the activity receivers are orders, you must recalculate the orders before you carry out the price calculation with recalculation using actual prices. To do so, go to the Internal Orders initial screen and choose Period-end closing ® Single functions ® Recalculation at actual prices ® Individual processing.


To carry out actual price calculation, from the Cost Center Accounting menu or Activity Based Costing menu, choose:

Period-end closing ® Single functions ® Price calculation

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