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You can store a default value for this purpose in the activity type master data (see: Structure link Processing Activity Types ). For business processes, you can store a default value in the business process master data or define a value for the business process category (see: Structure link Fields in the Business Process Master Record)

You can overwrite the default value there (see Structure link Activity Type Planning) or Structure link Planning Process Outputs (Quantities and Prices)) In planning itself, you can change the fixed cost predistribution indicator only if no actual cost postings exist.

You can carry out fixed cost predistribution either as part of Structure link plan price calculations or in a separate allocation for selected cost centers or business processes, for cost center groups or business process groups, or for the entire controlling area.


Executing Predistribution of Fixed Costs as Part of Plan Price Calculation

You can execute the actual postings for fixed cost predistribution as part of your plan price calculations.

  1. Choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Cost Center Accounting (or Activity-Based Costing) ® Planning ® Allocations ® Price calculation.
  2. Select the indicator With fixed cost predistribution (see Structure link Plan Price Calculations).

Executing predistribution with price calculation results in better system performance because the corresponding plan allocations already exist. Activity types with manually-set prices also take part in fixed cost predistribution when executed with plan price calculations.

Executing Predistribution of Fixed Costs as a Separate Allocation

  1. To carry out predistribution of fixed costs in a separate allocation run, choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Cost Center Accounting (or Activity-Based Costing) ® Period-end closing ® Single functions ® Predistribution of fixed costs.
  2. You can limit predistribution of fixed costs to the following objects:
    1. Cost center or business process
    2. A certain number of cost centers or business processes
    3. Cost center group or business process group
    4. All cost centers or business processes in a controlling area
    5. All cost centers or business processes belonging to a given selection variant
    6. You save selection criteria for cost centers in a selection variant. You can use the variant to select all cost centers with the same entries in one or more master data fields.

      To create new selection variants, choose Goto ® Selection variant ® Create.

      1. In the list of fields, enter the criteria to be used for selection. For example, you can select all cost centers belonging to a given company code.
      2. Save your entries.
      3. Enter a name and a description for your variant.
      4. Save your entries.

    To change an existing selection variant, choose Change selection variant.

    To display an existing selection variant, choose Display selection variant.

  3. Choose one of the objects.
  4. Enter the version, periods and fiscal year for which you want to carry out predistribution of fixed costs.
  5. If you wish, you can run predistribution of fixed costs as a test run only. To do so:
    1. Use the default settings for test run and detail list
    2. Choose Execute.

    The detail list display uses the Structure link ABAP list viewer.

  6. To execute predistribution of fixed costs as an update run (as opposed to a test run):
    1. Return to the initial screen.
    2. Deactivate Test run.
    3. Choose Execute.

Reversing Predistribution of Fixed Costs


Reversing fixed cost predistribution is useful only if an error occurred during the posting. Carry out the reversal only if you really want to reverse all postings.

To reverse predistribution for the period entered, on the Predistribution of Fixed Costs: Cost Centers screen, choose Extras ® Reset.


The system allocates the plan fixed costs in version 000 as actual costs on the plan receivers (cost center or business process) for the activity types of a cost center or for the sender business processes participating in predistribution of fixed costs.

You can repeat predistribution of fixed costs as often as you wish. If you do so, the system updates only the difference between the old and new allocation. If the values do not vary from the previous allocations, the system does not update any values.




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