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Target=actual activity allocation is a special form of indirect activity allocation for actual allocations. It enables you to determine an activity network on multiple levels and iteratively with the operating rate as the tracing factor.


You can use target=actual activity allocation for cost centers and for business processes. The following example is applicable to cost centers and business processes.

In target=actual activity allocation, the actual activity quantities to be allocated are not entered directly. Instead, they are calculated by the SAP R/3 System using the plan activity inputs of the receivers, based on the operating rates of the cost centers receiving the activity type.


Because target=actual allocation is intended only for allocating actual values, activity to be allocated with this method must be assigned different activity type categories for planning and actual postings.

You determine activity type categories for planning and actual allocation in the activity type master data (see: Structure link Activity Type Categories).


Target=actual activity allocation is executed as follows.


Planning must be fully reconciled at the planning level as a requirement for using this allocation method. Non-reconciled planning leads to incorrect operating rates, which, in turn, result in an incorrect allocation. For more information on reconciliation of planning, see: Structure link Plan Reconciliation.

Example of Target=Actual Activity Allocation

Target=actual activity allocation is executed iteratively. This means that recursive activity relationships between cost centers are taken into account. Recursive activity relationships occur, for example, when a cost center takes activity from another cost center, to which it also provides activity.


The system generally terminates target=actual allocation if extremely high operating rates are determined for a receiving cost center. For example, if the activity quantity was planned unrealistically for the cost center, or if an activity price was set manually, and an activity quantity of 1 was entered.


If you are working with transfer prices (parallel value flows), the target=actual activity allocation is executed in the leading valuation. The plan price used for allocation thus applies to all the valuations.

For more information on transfer prices, see the SAP Library under








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