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The Personnel Cost Planning component only handles personnel-related costs. However, personnel costs are only one type of cost incurred by an organization. The Controlling component on the other hand, can handle and create cost projections for the other types of costs.

The Personnel Cost Planning component provides the Controlling component with the personnel-related costs, so that they can be included in the overall financial plans and budgeting forecasts.


Before you can post cost planning results to Controlling, you must:

Process Flow


You can transfer any scenario irrespective of the data source projected pay, basic pay or payroll results.

  1. Create a plan scenario using one of the three cost planning methods
  2. Edit your plan scenario until you are satisfied with your cost planning (optional)
  3. Release your plan scenario. The system checks that your scenario is consistent and that the cost elements and cost centers exist.
  4. The system determines the necessary CO fiscal years to match your plan scenario's planning period.
  5. Only once the plan scenario has been released can you post the data to CO
  6. Select a plan scenario together with the fiscal year and the controlling area and post the data to CO
  7. You can check the status of the scenarios in the release administration feature to see whether the data has already been posted or is still waiting to be posted.


The costing scenario data is transferred to Controlling and can be included in the overall budgeting and financial plans.

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