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You have fulfilled the prerequisites for the condition technique. For more information, see Packing Instruction Determination .


  1. Choose Logistics ® Central Functions ® Handling Unit Management ® Master data ® Packing instruction (PI) ® Create.
  2. The system displays the screen Packing Instruction - Create DetermRecords: Init Scrn.

  3. Enter the appropriate determination type, and choose Enter.
  4. Select one of the proposed key combinations, for which you want to create a condition record. You can set the key combinations individually in Customizing.
  5. Choose Continue.
  6. The Create PackInstr: Fast Entry screen appears.

  7. Depending on the key combination you select, you make the mandatory entries and assign them to a packing instruction/reference packing instruction and, if necessary, also to one or more alternative packing instructions.
  8. For example, if you selected the key combination Customer/material, the mandatory entries are the customer and the material.


    You can display the details of the packing instruction you select by choosing Packing instruction.

    When using determination records whose key combination is assigned to a reference packing instruction, you have to use the corresponding condition tables. For information on how to proceed, refer to the three example for the access sequences RMAT, RMA2 and RMA3 in Customizing (Logistics - General ® Handling Unit Management ® Automatic Packing ® Determination of Packing Instructions ® Define Access Sequence for Packing Instruction Determination).

  9. Save your condition record.


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