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Once you have entered a sales document, you can change which sold-to party it is assigned to. This might be necessary in the following situations:


When you create or change a sales document you can change the sold-to party simply by overwriting it.

When you change the sold-to party, the system runs the same checks as for the first sold-to party. It checks, for example, whether the sales area in the document is still valid for the second sold-to party. It also checks whether there is a listing or exclusion for any of the items.

You can also change the sold-to party:


If you change the sold-to party, you need to redetermine the related data:


The system does not redetermine the following data:

Preassigning the Sold-to Party

You can use a default sold-to party if, when working with sales documents, you need to enter the items first and wait until the end before you enter the sold-to party (for example, for telephone sales). The default sold-to party allows you to create the sales order and save it before entering the real sold-to party.


When you create the default sold-to party in the customer master, note the following:
There is an indicator in the customer master that allows you to replace the default sold-to party later with the real sold-to party. If the indicator is activated, and the default sold-to party has not been replaced, it appears as an incomplete field in the incompletion log. This indicator is in the customer master under Extras ®
Account group info ® Customer types (Default SP field)

You can save the default sold-to party as a default value for a particular user for all the sales document types by going to System ® User settings ® Own data, choosing the Parameters tab page and saving parameter VAU for the default sold-to party.

You can use a transaction variant so that the value for the default sold-to party depends on the order type.


The sold-to party can only be changed on the overview screen and not on the Partner tab page.

When you change the sold-to party, the system does not redetermine the sales area.

The sold-to party cannot be redetermined from the ship-to party.

In the following cases, the sold-to party cannot be changed:


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