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The electronic exchange of transport data is becoming more and more significant. Senders (shippers) transmit their dispatch orders and transport information to their service agent (carrier, ship owner, customs agents). The latter organize the shipment and ensure a smooth operation. The shipment often takes place along a logistical transportation chain which involves several modes of transport and service agents. In this case it depends on providing the necessary data to all those involved as early as possible, in order to ensure efficiency.

Process flow

For example, a possible process flow could be:



  1. The sender transfers a partly or completely planned shipment (transport request) to the carrier.

The carrier receives the transport requirements and takes over the detailed planning of the shipment

  • The carrier returns information regarding the completely planned shipments to the sender
  • The vendor receives the completely planned shipments from the carrier.

  • The sender or the carrier communicates the customer information regarding an expected shipment (shipment notification).
  • The customer receives information regarding expected shipments



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