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You can connect non-warehouse management systems to the Warehouse Management system (WMS) as external systems. These are usually Enterprise Resource Planning systems, which transmit the requests for goods movements to the WMS. These include:


You have set up the interface between the WMS and the external system in the Customizing for Warehouse Management under Interfaces ® External Systems ® Configure Warehouse Management.

Process Flow

When the WMS receives requests for warehouse movements from an external system, the WMS creates transfer requirements on the basis of these requests. Transfer orders are created in the system on the basis of these transfer requirements, with which you execute the physical warehouse movements.


It is not possible to report the confirmation of the transfer orders, that is to say, confirmation that the requested warehouse movements have been executed, back to the external system.

  1. The external system defines the extent of the warehouse movements that is required.
  2. The external system requests the warehouse movements via the WMS interface.
  3. In doing so, the external system constructs the necessary data and transmits the request via the message type WMTREQ.

  4. The WMS creates transfer requirements based on the transmitted request.
  5. The WMS creates transfer order for executing the requested warehouse movements on the basis of the transfer requirements.
  6. You execute the physical warehouse movements based on the transfer orders from the WMS.



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