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The programs for accessing the DRB essentially have the same layout. You will find the following on the selection screen:

These criteria are object type-specific and are set out in more detail in the relevant sections.

You can use these buttons to determine whether the program is to read from the database only, or also from the Archive Information System or from the archive. The buttons have the following meaning:

Selection Button



Search in database

The program only searches in the database.

This is the fastest variant. However, it does not find archived documents.

Search in database and SAP AS

In addition to searching in the database, the program also searches in the information structures of the Archive Information System (AS). However, it does not read from the archive.

Empty fields may appear on the following screen since they are not all contained in the information structures. Do not make any selections for these fields or explicitly include "Empty" in your selections, otherwise the program does not find the records from the archive.

For information about which fields to include in the information structures, see the application-specific documentation.

Search in database, SAP AS, and archive

The empty fields described in the variant Search in database and SAP AS are read from the archive. You can also make selections for fields not included in the information structure.

This is the slowest variant. SAP recommends always using the fields from the information structure for the selection.

The runtime is longer because the system may access the archive first for each document found in the information structure before selecting it.

This is where you enter the maximum number of documents or document lines which the relevant program should supply.

Once you have entered the selection conditions and executed the program the corresponding documents are displayed in a list. From this list you can branch to the DRB by double-clicking on a line.

Each of these programs is able to read from the archive. This requires the availability of an archive information structure for the relevant field catalog (see table 1 in Structure linkDocument Relationship Browser (DRB) in Logistics). Such an archive information structure should also contain the fields you want to use to select in the corresponding program. If it is not always possible to enter the respective document number, you are advised to create a secondary index as set out in SAP Note 164704.

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