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The corresponding templates must be selected at the time of evaluation since the template for Profitability segments is dependent on the characteristics of the objects. Template selection is based on the following assignment logic:

You set the dimensions of the profitability segment by entering the update characteristics. You can make one or more selection feature(s). These determine the criteria used to choose the receiver object in the dynamic process allocation (determine selections and fixed update characteristics).

Using a selection rule, assign a characteristic area to a specific template (maintain template search and further update characteristics). While making the allocations, enter the company code and characteristic area for which the allocation should be done. When characteristic values, which are assigned to a template through a selection rule, exist in this area, this template will be used automatically for allocations.


The assignment occurs in the Implementation Guide (IMG) of the Profit and Market Segment Calculation (CO-PA). For more information, see:

Planning ® Integrated planning ® Transfer cost center/process planning ® Set up template-allocation ® Specify Characteristics for Selection and Update , or Maintain template determination and other update characteristics.


Flow of Actual Values ® Transfer of Overhead ® Set Up Template Allocation ® Specify characteristics for selection and update, or Maintain template determination and other update characteristics.


Assigning Templates - Profitability Segments

Templates FDGK and FDKK are found through selection rule 1. The characteristics used are "Customer groups", "Product groups" and "Product variants". The characteristic attributes "Firms", "Loans" and "Large credit" find template "FDGK"; attributes "Firms", "Loans" and "Small credit" find template "FDKK".

If the search through selection rule 1 was unsuccessful, the system uses a more general search (only two characteristics) through selection rule 2. Depending on the characteristic values, templates FD or PD are found.

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