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A withdrawal from the pipeline is posted as follows:

  1. From the Inventory Management menu, choose Goods movement ® Goods issue.
  2. Maintain the data on the initial screen. Choose Movement type ® Consumption ® To cost center (or To order, To network, All account assignments) ® From pipeline (Movement types : 201 P, 261 P, 281 P, or 291 P)
  3. On the collective entry screen, enter the account assignment. Enter the items.
    You do not have to enter the vendor as this will be found automatically by the system.
  4. If more than one vendor is possible, a pop-up window appears with a list of pipeline vendors, from which you can select the vendor you require.

  5. Post the goods movement.


A withdrawal from the pipeline results in the following updates in the system:

The pipeline withdrawal has no effect on existing warehouse stock or on the availability of the material.


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