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If you process the goods issue via a replenishment delivery in Shipping (LE-SHP), you can then refer to the replenishment delivery or the stock transfer order at goods receipt.


  1. From the shipping menu, choose Delivery ® Process delivery due list. The initial screen is displayed.
  2. Enter the data required. Select Purchase order as Documents to be selected.
  3. Choose Delivery ® Display delivery due list. A basic list is displayed from which you can select the deliveries to be processed. The list only contains order items that contain shipping data.
  4. Choose Delivery ® Save. The system creates a replenishment delivery for the selected orders. A log of the deliveries created can be displayed.
  5. When you choose the function Delivery ® Change, you can enter the picking and post the goods issue.

Processing in the issuing plant is complete when the goods issue is posted.


A replenishment delivery has the same effects as a goods issue in Inventory Management (see Structure link Effects of a Goods Issue Posting).

The quantity is debited from the issuing plant. In the receiving plant, the quantity is entered into stock (not into the unrestricted-use stock but the stock in transit on plant level). A receiving storage location has not yet been specified.

The system automatically creates an order history record for the replenishment delivery and for the subsequent goods issue posting.




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