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With this type of stock transfer, the transfer posting is not valuated at the valuation price of the material in the issuing plant, but is defined in both the issuing and receiving plants using conditions.


Stock transfers that include deliveries and billing documents/invoices are only possible between plants belonging to different company codes.
If you want to carry out a cross-company-code stock transport order with delivery but without a billing document, you must set the Relevant for Billing (data element FKREL) indicator in Customizing of the item type to "blank" (Not relevant for billing).

The following applications are involved in this type of stock transfer:

Characteristics of a Stock Transfer Order

Stock Transport Order with Valuated and Non-Valuated Sales Order Stock

When entering goods issues for cross-company-code stock transport orders, you can work with both valuated and non-valuated sales order stock (E) using the one-step procedure (movement type 645) and the two-step procedure (movement type 643). In the MRP view of the material master record (MRP 4) you determine the stock from which material is to be withdrawn by selecting the Dependent requirements indicator for individual and collective requirements. There are three options:

Process Flow

  1. Creating a stock transport order in the receiving plant
  2. Purchasing also determines the price for the materials.

  3. Posting a delivery in the issuing plant
  4. The issuing plant enters a replenishment delivery in Sales and Distribution. Unlike a stock transfer without a billing document, no stock in transit is created.

  5. Creating a billing document in the issuing plant
  6. The issuing plant creates the billing document for the delivery. SD also determines the price for the delivery

  7. Posting a goods receipt in the receiving plant
  8. The receiving plant posts a goods receipt for the delivery. The goods are posted to unrestricted-use stock

  9. Posting an invoice in the receiving plant

The invoice referring to the billing document is entered in the receiving plant.

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