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This type of stock transfer not only involves Inventory Management but Purchasing in the receiving plant. The goods issue posting in Inventory Management is carried out without the involvement of SD.

Characteristics of a Stock Transfer Order

This enables the quantity "on the road" to be monitored.

Process Flow

  1. Creating a stock transport order in the receiving plant
  2. Plant A would like to order materials from plant B. Plant A enters a stock transfer order. The stock transfer is used to plan the movement.

  3. Posting a goods issue in the issuing plant
  4. Plant B supplies the goods to plant A. Plant B enters the goods issue for the stock transfer order. The goods are then posted to the stock in transit of the receiving plant.

  5. Posting a goods receipt in the receiving plant

Once the goods arrive in the receiving plant, the plant posts the goods receipt. The stock in transit is therefore reduced and the unrestricted-use stock increased.

The goods receipt is entered with reference to the purchase order.

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