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You can use the DRB to display archived settlement documents.


If you want to display archived settlement documents from the DRB then you require archive information structures for particular standard field catalogs.

You can also archive settlement documents with the archiving objects (except for archiving object CO_KABR) which also archive the related settlement sender. You need one archive information structure for the corresponding field catalog.


Field catalog SAP_CO_KABR_001 belongs to archiving object CO_KABR.

For other archiving objects where the archive can contain settlement documents there are field catalogs whose descriptions correspond to the pattern SAP_AUAK... . A standard archive information structure is also delivered for each of these field catalogs. You can find further information on each of the field catalogs and archive information structures for settlement documents depending on the archiving object under Settlement Documents (CO) in the DRB.


You are recommended to make use of the appropriate standard archive information structure, although you can display settlement documents with other information structures for the field catalogs referred to.



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