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You must define a Standard Hierarchy to create business processes.


You should already have created a complete controlling area.


You can create the standard hierarchy manually or automatically.

Automatically creating standard hierarchies during the assignment

  1. Call up screen Maintain Standard Hierarchy for Controlling Area, where standard hierarchies are assigned to the controlling area.
  2. Even if you have not created a standard hierarchy, enter a name for it in the column Std. Hierarchy.
  3. When you save the assignment, the standard hierarchy is created automatically.

You can find more information under Maintain Standard Hierarchy for Controlling Area.

Manually creating standard hierarchies

You can create the standard hierarchy as you would a master data group, and then enter it under point Maintaining Standard Hierarchies for Controlling Areas (see above).

For more information, go to Create or Change Master Data Group.

Maintaining Standard Hierarchies

You maintain standard hierarchies by creating or editing business process groups. This can be done in the group maintenance (see Editing the Standard Hierarchy with the Group Maintenance) or with the maintenance of the standard hierarchy.


SAP recommends that you use the maintenance transaction for the Standard Hierarchy. (also see: Maintain Business Process/Groups in the Hierarchy).



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