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Within R/3 Engineering Change Management, you can define specific effectivity types for changes to the product. This allows you to adapt your range of products quickly and easily to respond to any changes in the market, for example, seasonal changes, by changing the color for example, for a certain time period or a certain customer. The relevant functions are combined in Customizing (go to Logistics - General ® Engineering Change Management ® Parameter effectivity) and are activated at client level.

The parameters that you can freely define (for example, material, date, customer, serial number) are assigned to an effectivity type (such as a serial number or time range). You can assign several parameters to one effectivity type (also known as validity type), for example customer and date, which allows you to make changes to a product for one particular customer for a certain time period.

In the standard system, you can set the effectivity types for time and serial number ranges in Customizing for the Engineering Change Management. You can also define additional effectivity types with freely-defined parameters.

To define the effectivity type parameters, you can:

You can also use parameter effectivity types to assign values to sales document items (such as bills of materials) in sales document processing.

The system forwards the result of this assignment to requirements planning, configuration, assembly and costing.

Materials that have been assigned effectivity parameters are displayed in a dialog box in the sales document. The values are is also included in the incompletion log.


You must configure the following settings so that an effectivity type for an item in the sales document takes effect:


The system does not consider parameter effectivity in the sales documents for exploding bills of material (without configuration). The system does not assign the parameter effectivities automatically if changes arise that are relevant to the effectivity.



You can find more information in the Structure link LO Engineering Change Management document under Working with Structure link Parameter Effectivity.





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