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When working with telephone sales, it is frequently the case that at the start of the telephone call, you do not know whether the customer would just like a quotation or to make a purchase order.

You can change the sales document type during document processing, which enables you, for example, to create an inquiry and change it later to a quotation, or convert an inquiry that has been saved into a standard order.


You can use the settings in Customizing for sales document types to decide which sales document types can be offered as alternatives during document processing.

In document processing, you can change the sales document type in the overview screen (Sales tab page) simply by selecting the required document type.


The following prerequisites must be met before you can change the document type during sales order processing:

Because the item categories have to be redetermined when you change the sales document type, the following requirements also apply:

If you choose a new order type, the system checks the following:


When you change the sales order type for a sales document that has already been saved, both sales document types must belong to the same number range.

Settings in Customizing

You can define two alternative document types for each sales document type in Customizing for sales document types (use the Alt.sales doc. type1 and Alt.sales doc. type2 fields).


Note that you can only choose alternative sales document types during document processing if you have maintained the relevant fields in Customizing for that particular sales document type.

The system runs certain checks on the sales document types that you have defined as alternatives in Customizing.
Only those document types that pass these checks can be configured as alternative documents.

The following sales document categories can be used: inquiries (category A), quotations (category B), orders (category C), contracts (category G), returns (category H), free-of-charge deliveries (category I), credit and debit memos.

Settings in Customizing for sales document types:

The document types must have the same:



Possible entries (F4) for the Alt. sales doc. type 1 and Alt. sales doc. type 2 fields displays all the sales document types that correspond to these requirements.


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