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Manual planning covers the following planning areas:

You plan activity types, statistical key figures and costs using the appropriate planning methods (see also: Techniques for Supporting Manual Planning). In the standard system, SAP provides planner profiles and planning layouts for the relevant planning area (see also: Structuring the Planning Screen). You can either use these profiles and layouts as they stand, or adapt them to meet your own requirements.

Unlike Periodic Allocations where the system determines the plan values once at period-end with user-defined rules, in manual planning you plan each value yourself.


Manual planning is implemented in other application components belonging to the SAP R/3 System.

Application component


Internal orders

Structure link Primary Cost and Revenue Planning

Activity-Based Costing

Structure link Manual Process Planning

Real Estate Management

Structure link Cost and Revenue Planning on Real Estate Objects

Project System

Structure link Manual Cost Planning in the Work Breakdown Structure




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