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Use the maintenance screen of the firmís organization to display and edit your standard hierarchy.

The maintenance screen has several sections or screen areas, each of which has a specific function.


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


Search Range

Use the search range to choose one or several business processes, or business process groups that you want to display or edit. Use the same range to assign these to standard hierarchies or business process groups.

Selection area

The desired business processes or groups thereof are listed in the selection area.

Overview area

The overview area shows the chosen object (business process or business process group) and how it is assigned to the standard hierarchy in the structure tree.

You can:

Detailed area

The master data for the individual objects are shown in the detail area.

To display or edit the master data for a special object, choose the desired object in the structure tree by double clicking on it.

You can find further information under Maintaining Business Process /Groups in the Hierarchy.


You can reach the transaction using the menu for Activity-Based Costing and path: Master Data ® Standard Hierarchy ® Change ; or in the IMG for ABC, use path Master Data ® Business Process ® Maintain Standard Hierarchy of Business Process.



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