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The packing instruction serves not only as a template for creating handling units, but also as information for packing personnel. For this reason, you can include textual (and graphical) elements in the packing instruction.


You include texts in the packing instruction in the Change or Create Packing Instruction transaction, either by entering them at item level or by linking to them at header level. Text items are relevant for the packing instruction and the handling unit proposal, but are not copied to the actual handling unit.




You create a document that is relevant for the whole packing instruction in the DMS and include it in your packing instruction by setting a link at header level. All functions of the DMS are available to you. The document can contain text, scanned documents, graphics or video sequences. For more information, see the documentation on CA - Document Management.


You create text items in the packing instruction table of items (components tab page), simply by entering the appropriate item category and automatically branching to the SAP editor.


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