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If you use statistical key figures, activity quantities, cost elements or prices in dependency planning that you did not plan manually or that you copied, the system does not automatically revalue your dependency planning.

You should revalue your planning manually if you:


If you make the following changes to planning, the system automatically revaluates dependency planning after each change:


The system does not automatically revalue copied activity quantities and key figure quantities.


To revaluate resources:

  1. Choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Cost Center Accounting ® Planning ® Cost element/activity input ® Change ® Extras ® Dependency planning ® Revaluate.
  2. Specify for which cost centers your dependency planning is to be revaluated as follows:
    1. Single cost centers
    2. A cost center group
    3. All cost centers
    4. A selection variant that you define yourself
  1. Maintain the following fields:
    1. Version
    2. From period
    3. To period
    4. Fiscal year
  2. Choose Execute.


The system updates the revalued planned costs and the revalued planned consumption. You can check the results on the overview screen and on the period screen for planning.





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