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If you want to carry out dependency planning without using the standard planner profile SAPR&R and the standard planning layouts that this contains, you must define your own planner profile and planning layouts for value-based and quantity-based dependency planning.


To plan primary costs at dependency level, proceed as follows:

  1. Select a planner profile for dependency planning, for example the standard planner profile SAPR&R.

To do so, choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Cost centers ® Planning ® Set planner profile.

  1. Choose Planning ® Cost element/activity input ® Change.
  2. Choose a planning layout for value-based or quantity-based dependency planning.

To change existing plans or create new ones, choose Change.

You use a distribution key to distribute the plan values to the fiscal year periods. You can either select a standard distribution key or define your own. On the period screen, you can also distribute your period values manually to the individual periods.

If you change the dependency quantity or the dependency source quantity (quantity of a statistical key figure or an activity quantity) the system revaluates costs and consumption (see also Revaluating Dependency Planning).

For more information about planning and changing planning screens, see Executing Manual Planning and Techniques for Supporting Manual Planning






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