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In order to carry out numerous business and human resources processes, you need an organizational plan, that is, a functional structure representing your enterprise based on tasks.

You need to, for example:


Evaluations of unoccupied positions


Forward leave requests to agents in the personnel department


Planning a Department Structure


Default values for personnel actions in Personnel Administration


Combination of the relevant R/3 transactions for an administrator in Purchasing

Tools from the Organizational Management component also enable you to create:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

Implementation Considerations

Organizational Management is the basis for additional Human Resources components and functions as well as for SAP Business Workflow. The fact that these components can be integrated should be taken into account when you are installing them.


Both Organizational Management and SAP Business Workflow are components of Business Management.


The Organizational Management component includes various user group-specific modes and views with which to edit organizational plans:

For more information, see the documentation on Structure link Expert Mode.

The Structure link Managerís Desktop component provides managers with data on the organizational plan of their area of responsibility and enables them to edit this information.






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