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You can schedule delivery creation for whenever you like using automatic background processing.


To plan background processing for delivery creation, proceed as follows:

  1. Either apply a user role for background processing or make a copy of a user role for shipment due processing for yourself. During the test phase, use a function code profile for shipment due list display within this user role.
  2. Test the shipment due processing with this user role until you only need to execute the Create delivery in background function after the shipment due list is first displayed in order to ship part of the delivery list. (Vary the rules for line selection or for quantity definition during item processing, for instance.)
  3. Change the function code profile in the user role from Display to Deliver.
  4. From shipping, choose Outbound Delivery ® Create ® Collective Processing of Documents Due for Delivery ® Delivery scenario of your choice.
  5. Choose the user role that you want to use for background scheduling in the User role field on the User role tab page.
  6. Enter additional selection parameters on the selection screen.
  7. Save the selection screen as a variant.
  8. From shipping, choose Outbound delivery ® Create ® Collective Processing of Documents Due for Delivery ® Plan Background Processing and execute the delivery scenario for background planning.
  9. Choose the selection variant you want and then select Schedule job.
  10. Follow the basis dialog for scheduling a background job.





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