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Operations (sales orders or purchase orders, for instance) are analyzed and delivered (transferred) for delivery creation according to their planned delivery-creation dates. The analysis gives you an overview of the work required. You can still make manual changes to the planned outbound delivery situation by using the selected delivery list (also called the shipping due date index or shipping due list). This may be used for the following operations:

Collective delivery of multiple documents in one step may be especially helpful in the following situations:


Delivery of documents via collective processing is integrated into the following logistics chains:


Operations that are planned for outbound deliveries (deliveries with a delivery list) are taken into consideration. This is currently the case for sales orders and purchase orders (stock transport orders and purchase order returns items). Taking sales orders as an example, the following criteria must be met:

Range of Functions

As you process the delivery list, you can select documents due for delivery according to certain criteria and either

You can preconfigure the display and processing formats by using user-specific and role-specific delivery scenarios.

You can manually process the operations you display. For instance, you can:

There are two different ways to process documents:

Index processing

In index processing, documents that have at least one of the items due for delivery matching the criteria are selected and these documents and all of their items (regardless of if they meet the item criteria) are then delivered. This is the most efficient way to deliver planned deliveries to the customer on time.

You can use this processing form by making a list category setting (Index list) in the user role.


If you would like a summary of all documents due for delivery, yet want to delivery only those items that meet the item criteria, use the Selected items (= X) setting in the function code profile for delivery creation.

Item processing

In item processing (list category = item list or schedule line list), only those items that meet the selection criteria are processed. Item processing is meant to be used for manual processing of the delivery list. You must check the consistency of all the items. Pay special attention to delivery groups, bills of material and material substitutions.

Functions during delivery:


Choose the selection criteria for the delivery scenario you would like to use.

If you want the list to be displayed or created certain way, change your user role specifications.




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