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Using an RF device, you can put away several SUs/HUs simultaneously.



       1.      You are using a device with sufficient capacity.

       2.      In the case of two-step confirmation, the selected SUs/HUs belong to the same TO.


If you perform putaways for mixed pallets, we recommend that you trigger the display of the destination storage bin immediately after scanning the SU/HU number. To do this, set the Skip source dta. indicator in Customizing for Logistics Execution Mobile Data Entry Verification Control Assign Verification Profiles to Goods Movements.


This works for one-step confirmation TOs only.

For two-step confirmation TOs, the source screen always appears, with no verification fields being open. Choosing Save for one of the items will save all the items on the source screen.



       1.      From the RF menu, choose one of the following:

        Inbound Process Putaway Clustered Putaway

        Stock Transfer Putaway Clustered Putaway

The Select Storage Units - Clustered screen appears.

       2.      Enter a SU/HU number using the scanner or keyboard.

       3.      To add more SUs/HUs:


                            a.      Choose NSU. The SU/HU number appear below Selected storage units.

                            b.      Repeat step 2.

       4.      After you have finished selecting SUs/HUs, choose Nxt. The source screen appears, displaying:

        Source information, including source bin

        Material information, including SU/HU, material number, name, quantity and UoM

       5.      To view more information on the TO item, choose Det. 

       6.      Verify the data and choose Save to confirm at source.

       7.      Choose PgUp () / PgDn () to scroll between SUs/HUs.

       8.      After confirming all SUs/HUs, choose Nxt to proceed to the destination screen. The destination information is displayed.

       9.      To change the destination bin:


                            a.      Choose NBin. The Change Destination Bin screen, appears.

                            b.      Verify the bin number.

                            c.      Scan the new bin number and choose Conf. The Dest. bin field is updated.

   10.      Verify the data and choose Save to confirm the materials at destination.




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