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Request from a customer to a company to deliver a defined quantity of products or provide a service at a certain time.

The sales area that accepts the inquiry is responsible for completing the agreement.


A customer inquiry comprises one or more items that contain the quantity of a material or service entered in the order.

The total quantity of a sales order item can be subdivided into schedule lines that contain the various subsets with the corresponding delivering dates.

Items can be structured in a hierarchy. This enables you to differentiate between batches or explode any combinations of materials (bills of material).

The conditions which are valid for the items are listed in the item conditions. The conditions for an item can be derived from an entire condition, which is valid for the entire sales order.

An item can be subdivided into several billing plan deadlines that each determine a date on which a fixed amount of the item is to be billed.


Not only the customer but also other business partners can be specified as sold-to parties in different partner functions (for example, ship-to party).

The items in a sales order can be taken from the times in a customer quotation.



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