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You want to create a conversion proposal.


The conversion assistant is started from the Data Transfer Workbench.

  1. In the Data Transfer Workbench, choose Goto ® DX Tools. The Data Transfer - Tools screen appears.
  2. Choose the relevant task type, program type, and program/method for an object type.
  3. In the Data Transfer - Tools screen, choose Goto ® Conversion Assistant.

The Conversion assistant initial screen is displayed.


You can create, change, display, or delete a conversion proposal from the Conversion proposal menu.

A recording of a transaction can be created directly by choosing the This graphic is explained in the accompanying text (Create recording) pushbutton.

Choose Goto -> Transaction Recorder to go to the transaction recorder.


  1. You can now create a recording of a transaction.
  2. You can then create a conversion proposal.




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