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Create the necessary statistical key figures and connect them to the Logistics Information System (LIS). Assign the business process and key figure(s) with variants in Customizing, or by choosing Assignments ® Maintain.


  1. Choose Period-end closing ® Single functions ® Transfer ® Statistical key figures from LIS or Planning ® Planning aids ® Transfer ® Statistical key figures from LIS.
  2. You can activate LIS reference and enter the reference and the fiscal year if, for example, you want to transfer actual data from a previous fiscal year to use as plan data in the current year.
  3. In any case, define the following parameters:
  1. Activate or deactivate the appropriate indicators:
  1. Afterwards, start the transfer transaction by choosing Execute.
  2. After you post data records, they are available as statistical key figures on the object.

  3. You can enter or transfer statistical key figures for the following objects:



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