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In order to plan quantities and costs of your business processes in formula planning, you can use mathematical dependencies. You can set these mathematical dependencies in templates in the form of formulas, which are independent of the business processes. This allows you to use the same formulas for similarly defined business processes. You can enter fixed and variable costs and quantities, per activity unit, in the calculation of the formula.

Formula planning supports manual planning. Formula planning is especially appropriate for the planning of cost elements, whose values are determined from business processes with similar logic.

For formula planning, you create templates and assign these to one or more business processes. Additionally, you can define sub-templates that can refer to higher level templates.

You can use the following data from the SAP System in formula planning:

You can plan primary costs and statistical key figures. These can be calculated from values that are already planned.


Create a template and assign the business process to the template (see section: Activities).


Formula planning includes the following functions:


Create a template in environment BPP (see: Template for Formula Planning Process and IMG for controlling under Overhead Cost Controlling -> Activity-Based Costing -> Templates -> Maintaining templates).

Assign the business process to a template (see Assigning Templates for processes/Cost centers).

Execute the formula planning (see: Executing Formula Planning).



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