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Allows you to enter texts at item level in a packing instruction. The system copies these texts to the HU proposal for the information of packing personnel. However, text items are not copied to the actual handling unit.



You can enter text items either when creating or when changing a packing instruction. In the Components tab page in the Create Packing Instruction or Change Packing Instruction screen, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the item row above which you want to insert your text item and choose Text.
    In a new row, enter item category 'T' (text item).
  2. The system displays the SAP Editor.
  3. Enter your text (for more information, see BC - Word-Processing in the SAPscript Editor.)
  4. Choose Back.
  5. The first 40 figures of the first line of text are displayed in the table as Short text.
    CautionIf you leave the first line blank in the SAP Editor, no short text is displayed in the table.
    NoteChange the text at any time by simply double-clicking anywhere on the appropriate row.
  6. If required, create different language versions of the text by placing the cursor on the appropriate row and choosing Text item: maintain language.


You have created text items in the packing instruction.

Any text items maintained in different languages are displayed in the packing instruction and HU proposal only if the logon language corresponds. For example, if you have logged on in English and enter an additional language version for Spanish, the system only displays this version when a user logs on in Spanish.


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