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The Warehouse Management system is fully integrated into SAP R/3. Business processes, which you trigger in other application components, lead to physical goods movements in your warehouse. You organize, control and monitor these goods movements with the WMS.


You put away the goods in a WM-managed warehouse for a goods receipt, which you have posted in Inventory Management.


You trigger most activities in the WMS via Inventory Management, including most goods receipts, goods issues and posting changes.

You can monitor and manage inspection lots in your warehouse via the WM interface to Quality Management (QM).

WM is also linked via an interface to Production Planning (PP), in order to support the staging of material for production supply areas and the putaway of finished goods from production.

The radio frequency link for using mobile data entry devices in the warehouse is an integrated part of SAP R/3.

With the help of the automated ALE interface for warehouse control units, you can use barcode scanners in your WM-managed warehouse and connect automated putaway and stock removal systems and automated fork lift systems for all warehouse movements.



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