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In this process you can group the components from a production order in a handling unit. You stage the components and supply the production supply area with WM/PP material staging.

For more information about WM/PP material staging, refer to the Structure link Warehouse Management component.


In Customizing for Warehouse Management you have selected the transfer requirement as the picking document (see prerequisites in Material Staging of Components with WM).

Process Flow

  1. You create a production order.
  2. For more information, refer to the Structure link Production Orders component.

  3. Generate a transfer requirement.
  4. For more information, see Structure link Setting up the Interface between PP and WM Structure link and Material Staging Process Flow.

  5. You create the transfer order for the transfer requirement (see Create Transfer Order for Transfer Requirement).
  6. You confirm the removal and transfer of the transfer order (see Confirm Transfer Order).
  7. You post the goods issue to the handling unit with reference to the production order (see Post Goods Issue with HU via Production Order).


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