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You use this function if you want to carry out material staging of production order components with handling units in conjunction with warehouse management (WM).

The general procedure is as follows: You create a production order and release it. For requirements coverage, WM creates a pick request from which you can create a transfer order. The execution of the transfer order results in the components that are managed in HUs at the storage location, being withdrawn and made available for production. Finally you post the goods issue. Depending on your organizational structure you can either use an outbound delivery or a transfer requirement as a picking document.

For more information, refer to the Structure link Warehouse Management component.


The following conditions must be fulfilled:

You have the following controlling options:


The individual steps vary according to the picking document selected. You can select the following as picking documents:

If you work with the outbound delivery as the pick request, you can specify that the goods issue is posted automatically when the transfer order is confirmed. You make this setting in Customizing under Logistics Execution ® ?Warehouse Management ® Interfaces ® Shipping Define Shipping Control (Activity Define Shipping Control at the Movement Type Level). In the standard system the movement type 319 (Replenishment for production) is used for replenishment of production. Set the field Copy WM quantity to the value 2 (Copy WM quantity as delivery quantity and post GR/GI) for this movement type.

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