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The CO documents contain a direct or indirect reference to the document of a primary posting.


  1. From the application component area menu, choose Actual postings ® Repost line items ® Reverse.
  2. In the initial screen, enter the criteria for the account assignment object and, if required, for the general criteria for which the system selects data for the reposting; or enter a document number (see: Selecting Line Items)
  3. Choose Execute.
  4. The system displays a list of repostings meeting the criteria you entered.

  5. To sort the documents in a list by column,
  6. a. Mark the column by clicking on the column header

    b. Choose Sort or Sort descending.

  7. To reverse a document,
  8. a. Mark the appropriate document row

    b. Choose Reversal indicator.

  9. Post the reversal.


If you have reposted line items and then want to reverse the source document, the system displays an error message informing you that you must first reverse the reposting. In Customizing, you can change this error message to a warning by choosing General Controlling ® Change Message Control .





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