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The CO documents contain a direct or indirect reference to the document of a primary posting.


  1. From the application component area menu, choose Actual postings ® Repost line items ® Display.
  2. In the initial screen, enter the criteria for the account assignment object and, if required, for the general criteria for which the system selects data for the reposting; or enter a document number (see: Selecting Line Items)
  3. Choose Execute.

The system displays a list of repostings, which meet the criteria you entered.

4. If you want to sort the documents in a list by a column,

a. Mark the column header

b. Choose Sort or Sort descending.

5. To display the individual processing of a document,

a. Position your cursor on the appropriate row

b. Choose Edit row, or Goto ® Edit row or double-click on the row.

The system gives you additional information for the document row.

6. To display the document header for a document

    1. Position your cursor on the given row
    2. Choose Header






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