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This report lists the costs, quantities and corresponding variances for actual and plan figures of the selected business processes. The processes are structured according to the values of the process attributes (see Business Process Category).

The variances indicate where the potential for optimizing lies.



On the selection screen you can determine which data the system should evaluate.

You can control the report contents through the output parameter.

You can produce extracts from this report.


For more information on working with Report-Painter reports (selecting, generating extracts, setting output parameter, and more) see Execute the Report-Painter Report.


The report has the following row and column structure:

Report rows:

The processes are structured on the list according to process categories. All business processes that are assigned to the same category are shown as a group. When you produce a report for a business process group that contains sub-groups, additional sorts are made in the category groups.

Report columns:

The report contains two column blocks between which you can switch using the arrow icons.


You can branch out to the following reports through the Report/Report-Interface :


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