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You can save the queries created with the InfoSet query in order to be able to use these again later.


You have defined a new query. You are authorized to save queries.


  1. Choose Save This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.
  2. If you are saving the query for the first time, the dialog box Save Query is displayed. A new name is proposed for the query if you started the InfoSet query with an InfoSet. The name of the query is proposed if you started the InfoSet query with a query.

  3. If necessary, change the name or title of the query.
  4. If necessary, choose the User Group to which the new query is to be assigned.

You can switch between user groups to which you are assigned and which have access to the current InfoSet.


The query is saved and locked for other users.


You can save a changed query under the same name by choosing Query ® Save, or under a new name by choosing Query ® Save As. If you require further information, see Saving Queries.




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