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For the prerequisites please read the section Creating and Transmitting a Summarized JIT Call


  1. Set a kanban to EMPTY. To do so choose the following from the kanban menu: Control ® Kanban board ® Demand source view.
  2. The Kanban board screen appears. Demand Source Overview, Initial Screen.

  3. Enter the appropriate selection criteria, such as the plant and the corresponding supply area and select Continue.
  4. The Kanban board screen appears: Demand source Overview.

  5. Set a kanban to EMPTY, by selecting Edit ® Set status to EMPTY, selecting one of the kanbans and then choosing Save.

The system tests whether a grouping has been planned for this control cycle . Depending on the settings, the system either creates a new summarized JIT call or attaches the kanban as an item to an existing summarized JIT call. Please also read Grouping Kanbans to a Summarized JIT Call .

With new summarized JIT calls, the system accesses message determination. The system tests whether a corresponding condition record is available. If this is the case, then the system generates a message. Please also read Structure of the Message Determination.


As an alternative to classic KANBAN, you can create event-driven KANBAN via Control ® Kanban signal ® Event-driven KANBAN. Here, enter the control cycle number or the material, the plant and the supply area and also the requested quantity and the delivery date. After this, the procedure is identical (see above).

  1. If necessary transmit the message to your partner. Please also read the section Transmit Summarized JIT Call .




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