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Efficient Human Resources Management constantly requires complete, up-to-the-minute information on employees at the enterprise. The R/3 Systemís Human Resources (HR) component contains all relevant employee data. With its multitude of reporting and analysis options, HR helps you process data quickly. This provides you with the information you require, and supports your decision-making processes.

As well as more than 200 standard reports, SAP HR provides you with a reporting tool (HIS) that enables you to report on data along hierarchical structures, and access standard reports easily. Cross-application SAP reporting tools enable you to create your own reports (InfoSet Query and SAP Query), and format and analyze HR data from SAP and non-SAP systems (Business Information Warehouse), without having to spend time on programming.

For many enterprises, the sheer wealth of standard reports and reporting options is the real challenge to reporting on HR data. That is the reason why SAP provides the HR Reporting manual, which


Finding Standard Reports

Standard HR Reports

Selecting a Reporting Tool

HR Reporting Tools

Overview: HR Reporting

Target Groups

You see at a glance which standard reports and reporting tools are available to help you meet your daily work responsibilities, and quickly learn how to use them.

You can use this information to quickly discover

The HR Reporting manual enables you to present an overview of HR Reporting.


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