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The purpose of the manual actual postings is to follow and monitor costs as the firm incurs them. This timely information allows you to identify variances and resolve them quickly.

Manual actual postings are supported by user-friendly reporting, which includes documentation of period-based actual postings and reports for actual/actual comparison (for example, comparing actual costs of the previous period with those of the current period) or plan/actual comparison.

Also see: Important Standard Reports, Period Breakdown.


For actual cost entries, primary costs are transferred from previous components to controlling. Business processes follow this path starting from the Financial Accounting (FI) and Material Management (MM) components where business processes are already entered during the account assignment.

More information on entering primary costs can be found in Primary Costs in Business Processes.

The R/3 System uses internal allocations to assign primary costs entered in feeder components to their causes and sources, where possible. Costs are calculated for each business transaction based on the valuated internal activities and posted to the sender and receiver objects as debit and credit postings in real time.

In order to make corrections, the system reposts costs from one object to another during the internal repostings. It is therefore possible, in the current business period, to make accurate statements about cost occurrences and flows on the cost centers.

The following functions are available:

Manual Reposting of Costs

Reposting of Line Items

Time Sheet

Direct Activity Allocation

Reposting Internal Activity Allocations

Entering Sender Activities

Manual Actual Price

Manual Cost Allocations

Entering Statistical Key Figures

For more information, see Period-Based Allocations under Period-End Closing


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