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Activity-dependent or activity independent planning of both primary and secondary costs, which occur as a result of activity input.


The various types of planning are only possible if the relevant business transactions are permitted.


These planning types are not mutually exclusive, but you can also use them in a combination. Depending on the information status, you use one or more of the planning types listed below. This means that for certain parts of an internal order, you can use unit costing or cost element planning, while roughly estimating the costs of the other parts of the order using overall planning.



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Overall planning

Overall planning is the simplest way of planning costs on internal orders. This type of planning does not depend on cost elements. You can use it to plan overall and annual values for an internal order.

Overall Planning

Unit costing planning

If you have access to more information on sources of supply, quantities and prices, you can perform unit costing taken from the overall planning.

Unit Costing

Execution Services

To define a model in master data maintenance for the internal order created, choose Extras ® Costing.

Structure linkEasy Cost Planning and Execution Services

Cost/revenue element and activity input planning

You use these types of planning when you have detailed information on costs. Each planning type is carried out for one year and covers cost-element-related planning of primary costs, revenues and activity inputs.

If more than one currency is permitted within your controlling area, the system will propose a value date each time you use cost element planning. You can overwrite this date if required.

Primary Cost and Revenue Planning

Planning Activity Input

Planning statistical key figures

You can plan statistical key figures in order to calculate the business-related key figures in orders.

Planning Statistical Key Figures



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