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When you create and change bank data and associated organizational addresses in different systems belonging to an SAP system group, every system displays the current bank data. As soon as you have saved bank data in one system, the data is sent on to other systems.

With the ALE business process, all changes to bank data are handled using a consolidation system. The local systems send all changes to the consolidation system and the consolidation system sends all changes back to the local systems. Bank data can also be edited in the consolidation system.


Functions in the distributed systems

Editing of bank master data can be carried out in all systems. You can find more information on this in the SAP Library under Bank Directories in the Financial Accounting ® Bank Accounting area.

Restrictions with distribution of banks

If you no longer wish to use bank data that has become obsolete, you set a deletion flag in the local system for the relevant bank. The deletion flag is then copied to other systems in order that the other systems also know that this bank data is no longer up-to-date.

It is not possible to delete individual banks in local systems. In the activity Delete Bank Master Data under Bank Directory in Customizing for Cross-Application Components, you can delete all banks for a particular country in a local system. This database change is not distributed, in other words, in the other systems that together form an SAP system group, these banks are not selected.

You can find further information in Structure link Setting Deletion Indicators for Bank Master Data.


You have configured the same country-specific checks for all systems. You do this in Customizing under General Settings ® Set Countries ® Set Country-Specific Checks.


In Customizing, choose Cross-Application Components ® Predefined ALE Business Processes ® Cross-Application Business Processes ® Configure Bank Master Data Distribution or Basis Components ® Application Link Enabling (ALE) ® Configure Predefined ALE Business Processes ® Cross-Application Business Processes ® Configure Bank Master Data Distribution.

You can find further information on Application Link Enabling (ALE) in the SAP Library under Basis Components ® Middleware (BC-MID) ® Application List Enabling (BC-MID-ALE).




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