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Automatic packing allows you to use packing proposals to create handling units automatically in the background.

The proposal includes both the packaging material and the content per handling unit.


For a delivery with 3 items, the packing proposal might propose that the first item is distributed in equal amounts onto two pallets and the second and third items are packed together in a container.


The packing proposal is automatically carried out during the following functions:

The automatic packing function also supports the effects of packing instruction determination, packing proposals generated by packing instructions, and customer-specific generation of packing proposals using Business Add-Ins (without using packing instructions). The automatic packing function also supports multi-level packing.


Filling the User Exit

  1. In the first packing phase, delivery items are packed during automatic packing with the New HU if full function in an allowed packaging material (such as a crate).
  2. In the second packing phase, each crate is packed onto a suitable packaging material (such as a pallet).


The automatic packing function also supports automatic packing using packing instructions.


The system automatically determines the packing instructions for the materials to be packed and then the material is packed according to the packing instructions that were found.

The packing instruction that was found may also be multi-level, which is why packing instruction determination is only carried out once during automatic packing.

Automatic packing also supports the PACKMODI enhancement.


Either the user exits are filled in with data or you have set the packing instruction determination for the material that is to be packed.


During automatic packing, the system determines packing proposals for the material to be packed, which it uses to create handling units.

The packaging proposal is defined either through several user exits or through packing instructions and the respective determination records.

Packing using user exits

You can process customer functions by using the Project management transaction in the SAP enhancements. In this case, you need the PACKMODI SAP enhancement.

Packing with packing instructions

To create packing proposals using the packing instructions, maintain the following data:



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