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If you want to pack a specific constant number of handling units into a higher-level handling unit, proceed as follows:

  1. In the packing dialog, select the Pack HUs tab.
  2. Choose the New HU per x HUs function (or use the menu path Edit ® Pack ® New HU per number of HUs).
  3. In the dialog screen in the HU to be created section, enter either a packaging material or a customer packaging material for the higher-level handling unit. This higher-level handling unit is automatically created when this function is executed.
  4. In the PackMat.of HUs to be packed section, enter the packaging material of the handling unit to be packed and the number of handling units that are to be packed into/onto new HUs.
  5. The system creates a new higher-level handling unit according to the amount entered until there are no more unpacked handling units of the packaging material that you entered.

When packing handling units, a maximum of 999999 packing levels is possible. For information on reflecting packing levels in handling units, see Overviews That Are Relevant for Packing.




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