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If you want to pack items completely, but do not know in advance how many handling units you require, proceed as follows:

  1. In the packing dialog, select the Pack material or Pack HUs tab.
  2. In the All existing HUs (available for packing) section of the screen, create a handling unit with the desired properties (weight and volume restrictions), or use a handling unit that has already been created (for further information about creating handling units, see Creating Empty Handling Units.
  3. In the Material to be packed (or All HUs that can be packed) section of the screen, select the items that you want to pack and enter the total quantity to be packed for the material in question in the Total quantity field.
  4. In the All existing HUs (available for packing) part of the screen, select the desired handling units and then choose if full (or use the following menu path: Edit ® Pack ® New HU if full).

The system will then continue to create new handling units, adhering to the weight and volume limits, until the total quantity of the selected items is packed.




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