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If you are packing a delivery item completely, but want to distribute the quantity in equal amounts over several handling units, proceed as follows:

  1. In the packing dialog, select the Pack material tab.
  2. In the All existing HUs (available for packing) section of the screen, create a handling unit with the desired properties, or use a handling unit that has already been created (for further information about creating handling units, see Creating Empty Handling Units).
  3. In the Material to be packed or already packed section of the screen, enter the total quantity you want to pack for the item to be packed in the Total quantity field. In the Partial quantity field, enter the quantity that is to be packed into one handling unit, and select this item.
  4. In the All existing HUs (available for packing) part of the screen, select the desired handling unit and then choose per part. qty (or use the following menu path: Edit ® Pack ® New HU for partial qty of material).

The system will then continue to create new handling units, using the partial quantity you have defined as the content of these HUs, until the total quantity of the selected item is packed. This simplifies entry, if, for example, you want to pack 100 pieces of a material in 50 boxes with 2 pieces each.




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