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There are different overviews available during packing in which the necessary information is presented. You can use the following overviews to edit handling units:

This overview displays all functions that are relevant for packing for each sub-view. Automatic packing in the background is available in this overview. You can select this overview in any of the following sub-views:


Since all function modules for the packing function are available to you, you should avoid using batch input.

In the Pack material sub-view, all materials that are to be packed appear in the lower half of the screen and all handling units that can be packed into appear in the upper half of the screen. If you would like to go to the hierarchy layout, choose Goto ® General overview.

The general overview clearly displays all materials, packaging materials and handling units that were already assembled. You can use this overview to pack, unpack and repack intuitively, for example. All changes to the contents of individual handling units appear immediately. If you want to go to the tab layout, either select Goto ® All data ® Pack material or Goto ® All data ® Pack HUs. The respective partial overview appears. In addition, you can display all available detailed views by selecting Goto ® Detailed HU data ® (Detailed view of your choice).




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