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In the EDI scenario, you send forecast delivery schedules from the Purchasing component to the Sales and Distribution component of another R/3 System.



Release creation profile for scheduling agreement

If you wish to create forecast delivery schedules or JIT delivery schedules periodically, you can specify a creation profile which is used for control purposes by the aggregation of the schedule lines to releases and the periodic creation of the releases. The creation profile should be assigned to the scheduling agreement item (in the additional data of the item details).

You can then generate forecast delivery schedules or JIT delivery schedules periodically from the purchasing menu by selecting Outline agreement ® Scheduling agreement ® Generate release

Message Control

The message type for forecast delivery schedules which are sent via EDI is in standard LPH1.

The following condition components are used:

Condition component


Access sequence






Message type


Processing subroutine

Program RSNASTED, form routine EDI_PROCESSING

General data

Select Condition access


3 (manual output via the purchasing menu)

Transmission medium

6 (EDI)

Partner function

LF (vendor)


Message records for scheduling agreements ("condition records" in Message Control terminology) can be created from the purchasing menu by selecting Master data ® Messages ® Schedule line ® Create


An entry for procedure 9 must be available and the indicator A must be set for message type LPH1. This indicator ensures that the printer-dependent data in the release header is updated when the message type is exported, e.g. on the day of the release. Note that the indicator can only be set once for each procedure, i.e. you must define a default message type.

IDoc Interface

For the required partner, you must maintain the following values for both the outbound partner profiles and the additional partner profiles for outbound processing using Message Control:



Message category


Partner type


Partner function


Recipient port


Output mode

Transfer IDoc immediately

Basic type


Packet size




Message type


Process code

ME14 (forecast delivery schedule) or
ME13 (JIT delivery schedule)


Port defined for exchanging EDI messages in clients.



  1. Generate the Structure link forecast delivery schedule or the JIT delivery schedule. In Customizing, you can specify whether or not the message can be edited. If the latter is true, no message proposal is displayed when you select Header ® Messages in the transaction.
  2. The created release is sent to the Sales component of the other system via the IDoc Interface using Message Control. At this point, the system should always create a new message (not a change message).

When the release is sent, all open schedule lines and all schedule lines which are defined in the future are also sent (as defined in the release creation profile).
Schedule lines for which the delivery date is in the past and which have been delivered completely are not included in releases.



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